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Complaints Procedure


Carebridge Community Support is committed to providing respectful, quality services to the people we serve, their families and other members of the community. It is recognized that concerns, complaints and disagreements will sometimes arise as we strive to work together.

When a concern or complaint arises, it is our goal that the people directly involved are able to resolve the concern/complaint in a timely and informal manner to the extent that the issue and circumstances permit. However, in some situations, greater care and detail in both verbal and written communications may be required.

This policy applies to individuals as well as to community agencies and community members who may have concerns regarding our services.


  1. Carebridge Community Support’s Complaint Procedure is available upon request and will also be available on the Carebridge Community Support’s website at
  2. Each person and their families/guardians (if applicable) will receive a copy of the Complaints Procedure when they begin service with Carebridge Community Support.
  3. There will be no negative repercussions on the person receiving service should he/she have a complaint or concern.
  4. Staff has the right to know when a concern or complaint involving them has been made. Staff have the right and responsibility to be part of the resolution.
  5. The Complaints Procedure is not for emergency situations.


Carebridge Community Support will listen and respond to your concern or complaint. We want to ensure people are satisfied with the quality of their services, supports and the operations of the organization.

If your concern is with a staff member:

  • And if you are comfortable talking to that person, you may tell them in person, in writing, or by email. You can ask for help from a friend or family member you trust.
  • Send an email to or write a letter and indicate “Customer Service” on the envelope.
  • Find a staff at Carebridge Community Support that you trust and respect to help you bring your concern or complaint forward to the right person. They can help you to call or write a letter

If you have any other type of concern or complaint:

  • Send an email to  or write your own letter and indicate “Customer Service” on the envelope
  • Find a staff member that you trust and respect to help you bring your concern or complaint forward to the right person. They can help you to call or write a letter, or fill out a complaint form.

1—After the concern or complaint has been made to Carebridge Community Support, the following will happen:

  • You will be in contact with someone who can help you within five (5) working days of receiving your concern or complaint.
  • You will be given the chance to talk about your concern or complaint. Carebridge Community Support will have the staff member who is the best person to help meet with you. This will probably be a member of the Carebridge Community Support Management Team.
  • When you meet to discuss your concern or complaint, you may bring a friend or family member to help you.
  • Carebridge Community Support will do its best to meet and resolve your concerns within five (5) working days. More serious concerns or complaints may take a longer time to resolve.
  • There is a written record kept of all formal complaints, and if you wish, you can ask for a copy.
  • After your meeting to resolve your concern or complaint, you will receive an answer in person or in writing with the decision within five (5) days of this meeting.

2—If you do not feel your concern or complaint was resolved at this time you may bring your concern to the Chief Executive Officer (CEO).

  • You can tell your concern to the CEO by contacting them by telephone, email or written letter.
  • If needed, a meeting time for you with the CEO or the Senior Management Team will be arranged by the CEO’s Administrative Assistant.
  • The CEO or the Senior Staff will have information prior to the meeting to determine the steps the member of the Management Team has taken in an effort to resolve your concern.

3—Board of Directors of Carebridge Community Support

  • If after these attempts your concern or complaint remains unresolved, you can direct your concern or complaint in writing to the Board of Directors. In your letter or email, outline what steps have been taken to help solve your concern or complaint and why you feel the situation has not been resolved.
  • Your letter or email should detail:
    • The resident’s address;
    • The parties involved
    • A summary of issues and why prior efforts to resolve it have not met the summary resident's satisfaction;
    • A clear statement of the remedy sought; and
    • Any other information which would be helpful for the Board to consider

By Mail:

Carebridge Community Support Corporation
67 Industrial Drive, PO Box 610 Almonte, ON  KOA 1AO
Attention: Board Chair
By Email:  

  • A meeting with a member/members of the Board of Directors will take place at which time you can share your concerns. Once again, you should feel free to bring with you a friend or family member if you would find that helpful.
  • The person/people meeting with you will have been provided with a summary of all previous attempts to resolve your concern/complaint. Following the meeting, you will receive a letter outlining the recommendations and decisions.

At all times, residents must be engaged in respectful communication - harassment, aggressive language and threats will not be tolerated.

In the event the Board wishes to receive more information, the resident will be expected to participate fully in the process.

The resident can expect to receive an acknowledgement within 48 business hours and a more fulsome response to their issues within of 30 calendar days.

Any complaints which are found to be frivolous, vexatious or in bad faith will be dismissed by the Board.

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